Student Policies & Guidelines

School Year Session Guidelines (Sept thru June


Option #1: Auto-Pay
For people who are coming month to month from September until end of June without skipping a month:
Single person: 57.00 per month
Two from same family: 89.00 per month
Portfolio student (4 hours per week) 69.00 per month

Option #2: Cash or Check
Single person: 67.00 per month
Two from same family: 99.00 per month
Portfolio student (4 hours per week) 79.00 per month.

The above prices are on condition that the person pays the first week of the month. Otherwise they will have to add a 5.00 late fee per week.

Skipping a month:
If you skip a month, when returning you will be put in a different payment category and pay 10.00 in addition to whatever payment method you use. You also have to pay a 20.00 re-registration fee.

Anyone planning to withdraw from classes for an upcoming month must give us one five notice before the next month begins or be responsible for that next month's tuition. Not paying will result in a negative mark on their credit report.

What Tuition Covers:
Tuition covers one class a week through the entire month. Whether there are four or five weeks in the month, the price is the same. The tuition reserves a spot for the student for that particular month regardless of whether they attend or not. There are no discounts or refunds for missed classes, however you CAN make up the classes (see "make up classes" below).

Make Up Classes:
Missed classes can be made up as long as you are a "Paid Student", meaning they can be made up even months later if you are still a paid student. They CAN NOT be made up if you are not a paid student (in other words, decided to discontinue but want to make up past classes).

Make Up Students may make up by coming a different day that week, coming two days on a following week, or coming two hours in a row on the same night on a following week. To make up, all you need to do is come anytime we are open, you do not need to call for permission.
Downstairs Classes run 455-555 and 610-710 mon thru Thursday.
Upstairs classes run 520-620 and 635-735 mon thru Fri (no Fridays in the Summer)


Registration Fee:
There is a 20.00 registration fee required at time of registration.

Leave of Absence:
Students are discouraged to take off a month or months during the school year session. Students who leave for a month due to a busy schedule, even with the sincere intention of returning, once out of the habit usually do not return. To discourage this practice we charge a 20.00 Re-registration fee if you skip a month and want to come back.

Conferences, Questions, Complaints:
We encourage students or parents to ask as many questions as they would like about what the student is doing and why. You can call anytime or stop in at the end of class. If you have any concerns, constructive critism or complaints, please let us know. These help us improve and in most cases are easily resolved to your satisfaction.

Summer Session Guidelines (July thru August)

Tuition and What it Covers:

Option#1 Auto-Pay:
Tuition is $99.00 for one person, $178.00 for two people from the same family and $100.00 for portfolio students.

Tuition covers one indoor class (1 hour) and one outdoor class (1 hour) per week for six weeks, or in other words, 6 indoor and 6 outdoor classes throughout the six week summer program. Indoor and outdoor classes can be done back to back the same day or two different days, whatever your preference.

Option#2 Cash or Check:
Tuition is $10.00 more than the prices listed above if paying by cash or check.

Make Up Classes:
Missed classes must be made up by the end of summer (students who register for fall classes may also make up summer classes in the fall). Missed outdoor classes must be made up outdoors and missed indoor classes must be made up indoors.

Make up students may make up by coming a different day that week or coming two or more days on a following week.To make up, all you need to do is come anytime we are open, you do not need to call for permission. Downstairs Classes run 4:55-5:55 and 6:10-7:10 Monday thru Thursday. An early class from 3:40-4:40 on Wednesday only. Upstairs classes run 5:20-6:20 and 6:35-7:35 Mon thru Thur (no Fridays in the Summer).