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The school year program runs from September until the end of June. Students may enroll any time throughout the year as long as there is space available. Potential students (age 6 through 18) begin their journey by visiting the school at one of our frequently-held open houses. On the first day of class we evaluate them to determine their skill level and interests. Once determined, the student is enrolled in our Core Curriculum. This curriculum teaches essential skills such as planning the page, drawing intricate details and using mediums such as watercolor, pastel and colored pencil. Students learn these skills by utilizing a variety of subjects which may include cartoons, still life, animals and landscape, just to name a few. Students continue to progress through the levels, becoming more and more competent, some eventually becoming professional artists.

Specialized Projects

In addition to the core curriculum, we have many specialized courses which include “anime” (Japanese animation), portrait, still life, figure drawing college portfolio preparation, popular character drawing, pastel, watercolor, cartooning and independent study. We have found that most people coming in for the first time do best starting with the core curriculum, since many of the above courses require competence in basic skills. At the open house, we will discuss which course is best for you.

Student progress

Optional Projects, Crafts, Contests and Events

Kids enjoy variety. To make our curriculum fun as well as informative, students may choose to do our seasonal projects which include: crafts (clay and various other materials), contests (Halloween contest, Christmas/Holiday card contest, George Montgomery Wildlife Contest, and Federal Duck Stamp Contest), and preparation for our annual art show which is attended by over a thousand people.




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