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We make summer vacation a summer adventure!

Is your child artistically inclined and looking for something enjoyable to do this summer, while still having plenty of time for vacations, getaways and “down-time”?

Buggy: one of many scenes to draw.

Try our Summer Program! It includes everything offered in the School Year Program and more! In addition to our time-tested Core Curriculum , craft projects and specialized projects, we have NEW projects created each summer. These might include a Popular Character Course (students can draw one of many popular characters from cartoons, video-games, “anime”, and comic books), Framable Pictures (step-by-step landscapes that turn out so well they are worthy of being framed), Sculpting, and many other creative projects.

But there’s more!

The summer program isn’t just one hour a week but two hours - one hour indoor and one hour outdoor. The classes may be done back-to-back on the same day or throughout two different days, depending on your preference. The indoor class offers all the things described above and the outdoor class has a life of its own!Brook: one of many scenes to draw. Our School is situated on 8 acres that feature a lake, stream, “waterfall wonderland”, and many other interesting things to draw. We set up at a different place each week and students may choose to draw the inspiring scenery or do one of our outdoor craft projects while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Concerned about commitment? Our classes are flexible! If you have to miss a day due to illness, vacation or any other reason, you may make up anytime throughout the summer. When you consider the options we offer, the setting, our prices and flexibility, the summer session cannot be beat!


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