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Making art a lifelong adventure

Trees by Virginia Meisner.

Adults - have you dabbled in art but felt frustrated when your picture looked off and you didn't know why? Have you considered art instruction but feared you’d be the worst artist in the class? Do you dream of making art a rewarding hobby or lucrative career?

We understand and can help.

Art instruction at KSA is enjoyable, effective and easy to begin. We start by inviting you to see the school. You can show us your work if you have some, but no problem if you don’t. We will talk to you about where you are and where you want to go. Whether you are a beginner with no experience, a hobbyist looking for a rewarding pastime, or a seasoned practitioner looking to become semi-professional, we will customize our curriculum to meet your goals. Our curriculums include basic drawing, advanced drawing, color theory, pastel, oil painting, colored pencil, portrait drawing, cartooning, landscape and figure drawing. These curriculums may be done individually or through independent study, a process by which you may choose your own projects while we make suggestions to ensure your success.

And here is the good news!

Not only can you achieve your artistic dreams, but you can do so while enjoying yourself! Our adult classes are supportive and friendly. Classmates are quick to encourage others to believe in themselves and to stay the course, knowing the results are just around the corner. Lady Bug by Joyce Robinson. A nice way to get out of the house and do something both productive and fun.

Give us a call; we would love to meet you!

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