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The quality of a school equals the effectiveness of its curriculum - how quickly a student progresses and realizes his full potential. Atmosphere, customer service and price are also important but the effectiveness of the curriculum is the bottom line - achieving results that make it well worth your while.

George Kaizar is a professional artist with 30 years of experience in the fields of illustration, fine art, graphic design and art education. Early on he noticed that many approaches to teaching art, even at a college level, were ambiguous and ineffective. From his own experience he knew success was a matter of learning and mastering essential skills and concepts, but often these things were taught in a haphazard way or not at all!

In 1990 George decided to remedy this situation by putting together an effective curriculum and teaching private lessons. In the first year his students grew from 4 to 50, in the second year from 50 to 180 and they continued to grow to this day.

In the 20+ year history of the Kaizar School of Art, George and his associates used this curriculum to help thousands of students, professionals and regular folks alike, become accomplished artists who enjoy art for the rest of their lives.

Now you can use it too! Whether aspiring to be a professional or to develop your talent for personal growth, KSA has the tools to help you or your child achieve your goals. Check out our programs. Chances are there is one just right for you!

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