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Art Empowers Us in Every Part of Life...

Art has so many benefits - some obvious and others surprising. All of them a worthwhile pursuit of time, energy and attention. See if you agree.

Visualization: Did you ever try to visualize something in your mind’s eye? Artists constantly visualize different scenarios and combinations to determine the best way to develop a picture. This constant practice helps them to visualize things with more clarity and versatility. We use visualization every day to remember, create and evaluate. Visualization helps us in everything we do.

Imagination: Many people say “I have no imagination”. When they try to imagine, nothing comes to mind. The reason for this is that their imagination is rusty - like an old treasure chest filled with jewels but too rusty to open. Artists use their imagination to pry open that treasure chest every day. The more it is used, the easier it responds. Is imagination important in life success? Of course! Anyone from Walt Disney, who built an empire based on imagination to a local businessman thinking of new ways to market his service, must use their imaginations to survive, thrive and prosper.

Creative Problem Solving: Did you know that creativity is a process? Artists rarely create a one-shot perfect picture. Instead, they use a step-by-step developmental process. They begin with small, quickly rendered sketches. They evaluate, combine and edit them to build a strong idea. From there they gather research and methodically test lighting, arrangement and subject to ensure everything in the picture is the best it can be while also solving dozens of conflicts and problems that might come up. Only then is an artist ready to execute a painting that the audience will think is amazing. Once mastered, this process can be used to solve many of life’s problems, too!

A Rewarding and Lucrative Career: Have you ever heard the term “starving artists” or that “artists only make money after they die”? I am sure you have heard these and a dozen other clichés implying that artists cannot make a decent living. But is there truth to these sayings? In the days of Van Gogh, YES, but luckily not today. In modern times there are plenty of ways that artists can earn a living. Here are just a few art occupations and their yearly salaries, compiled by the US census Bureau: Interior Designer ($61,700 per year), Photographer ($39,970.00 per year), Graphic Designer ($48,250.00 per year), Fashion Designer ($69,670 per year), Multimedia and Animator ($62,790 per year), Fine Artist and Illustrator ($45,000 per year). These are just the average salaries for a handful of art related careers. A very successful artist such as portrait painter Nelson Shanks is a multi-millionaire! Does everyone make a good living in art? Like any other field it is dependent upon the hard work and dedication of the individual. But for an artist who is persistent and continues to grow in his ability, the sky is the limit.

Brain Function: The human brain has two major functions. One function takes care of routine activities and the other the “new and complex” activities. Unfortunately, the brain does not benefit much from routine activities. With new and complex activities, however, our brain benefits by generating new brain cells and creating libraries of knowledge. Both the brain cells and the knowledge build intelligence in all subjects and stave off dementia (memory loss) in later life. Since every subject, approach, and artistic outcome is different, artists are always challenging their brains with new and complex activity.

Self Confidence, Respect, Self Esteem: How do you gain self-confidence? By overcoming challenges and succeeding at something over and over. Succeeding at art, you learn to succeed at anything. How do you get respect? People respect you when they see that you are good at something that requires practice and discipline. This is particularly true in art where the practitioner is also considered special and talented. How do you get self-esteem? When you are confident and others respect you!

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