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A Girl Painting!

If someone asked you to describe the ideal art school, what features would it have - price, quality, value? Our clients described the features of our school and this is what they said. See if they matched your expectations.

Flexible schedule: In this fast-paced world, both parents and children are juggling so many things - homework, after-school activities, sports and work schedules. Wouldn't it be nice to have one activity that is completely flexible? At KSA, students choose a regular day and time but are welcome to come whenever the school is open. Busy students can even skip a week and make it up the next week by coming twice or doing a "double" (two hours in a row). They can also make-up missed classes months down the road as long as they are a paid student!

Reasonable Price: With a tough economy and rising costs, the last thing anyone needs is another overwhelming expense. At KSA, we have reasonably priced tuition that has increased very little in 20 years. There are no contracts or surprise fees. We have a registration fee but rarely will you have to pay it as long as you register by a pre-determined day. Our list of one-time-purchase supplies can be purchased anywhere and will last as long as you are here.

Inspired Setting: With the day-to-day hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to free our minds from our hectic lives. But as soon as you turn the bend at KSA, you are transported to a world of majestic trees, ponds, waterfalls and gardens. The whispering wind reminds us of another side of life - one that is relaxed and inspired, all on the path to our well-lit spacious classrooms which provide an ideal setting to express that inspiration!

Significant Results: With demands being many and hours being few, there is no room for wasted time. At KSA, students quickly achieve significant results using our time-tested curriculum. These results empower students to create the art they always dreamed of with confidence, know-how and enjoyment. We strive to reveal each student's full potential!

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